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Grooming Areas & Stall Rental

Enter Gate # 5 for grooming areas.

There is Free Grooming on concrete under permanent cover near Davis Arena. However space and electricity are limited. Also located on grassy rectangle between the Davis and Expo Building will be a large tent equipped with electric for grooming. The tent is for all National Specialties & Specialty Clubs. Please be prepared to stack your crates. The Event Committee reserves the right to condense space if it should become necessary. Please leave aisles open. No private x-pens allowed in grooming area.

Note Regarding Stall Parking: By Orders of the Fire Department, there will be NO PARKING at any of the Stalls!! You may unload and move your vehicle to a space in the parking lot. Vehicles may be towed if left by the stalls.

PORTABLE STALL RENTAL:  These stalls have electric outlets and can be locked. The portable stall will be $50 for the five day circuit.

OUTER PAVED STALL RENTAL: The fee to rent a level paved OUTER stall for the five day circuit is $60.00. These stalls have electrical access. Dogs may be left in the stalls overnight. You may bring your own locks and floor coverings.

OUTER UNPAVED STALL RENTAL: These stalls have uneven hard clay floors. Grooming may be done under overhang outside of stalls. You are encouraged to bring ground cover and locks for your stalls. These stalls can be rented for $45 for the five day circuit.  


INNER STALL RENTAL: There will be a limited number of inner stalls with electrical access available if needed with uneven hard clay flooring and dim lighting. Grooming may be done just outside of stalls. You are encouraged to bring your own ground cover and locks for the stalls.  These stalls will be rented for $40 for the five day circuit.

As the Agricultural Center charges the Kennel Club for use of each stall, absolutely no one will be allowed to setup in the stalls or use electrical outlets in the stalls without paying the rental fee. The reserved grooming area will be policed for violations.

All stalls will have names on them.

Stalls will be available on Wednesday at 12:00 Noon unless previously arranged for special needs. Stalls are not available for daily rental.

There will be NO REFUNDS after May 10, 2023

Please don’t mail reservation and check after May 10, 2023

until you have either called or emailed Lynnea Stadelmann for availability.

A RESERVED PARKING card will be issued upon payment confirmation, to be displayed in windshield of vehicle. Please don’t forget this parking pass. Stalls will be available on Thursday at 12 noon unless previously arranged for special needs.

Contact Teri Hughey for more information: